Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "BRAVE! Ink Studio?"
Simply put, the umbrella term used to brand the creative director's pop-culture artistic projects. The styles manifested are diverse, eclectic, and skillfully rendered in various genres. Most notable are the super deformed character stickers collected by nostalgic hobbyists, hardcore fans, and passive admirers. 

Why "BRAVE!"?
The greatest adventures embarked demand the greatest risks. The way we, and our heroes(or villains) develop their spirit, is by fighting our natural instincts of safety, and facing these fears head on. The biggest battles fought are always won by the lionhearted. Whether it's pursuing our dreams, or taking a final leap of faith, our growth requires a pinch of boldness, and reckless amount courage! BRAVE! is about the fearless approach to taking risks!

How long does it typically take to create one design?
On average, 6-8 hours. The most difficult part is drafting the 'right' designs (getting the sketch properly balanced and composed). Inking and coloring could take about 2-3 hours per design, but finishing touches could take just about the same amount of hours.

Does BRAVE! take requests?
Since a design or two would take an entire day to completely render, most all weekends are reserved to selling at events and conventions. But the BRAVE! team would love hear out your recommendations or a chance to collaborate on fun projects! Let us know by filling out a contact form and we'll tally up requests by popularity.

Where is BRAVE! Ink Studio located?
Our team currently operates and serves up projects in Southern California. We travel nationwide to shows year round with all our products listed on this SHOP (which are shipped from Southern California).